8 Weird & Wonderful Techno Branded Accessories You Can’t Live Without!

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Who needs a car when you have an official Jeff Mills Axis Skateboard. Need a light? Try this Carl Cox cigarette lighter. If you’re a loud and proud techno geek then these 8 weird & wonderful techno accessories are just what you need to show off your techno geekdom in style.

1. The Axis Skateboard
Hands down, the only way for a true techno geek to travel is atop a Jeff Mills official Axis Skateboard. For a mear $80USD, it’s not only a more effective status symbol than a new ferrari, but a much more affordable one too. Guys will want to be you, girls will want to be with you.

Jeff Mills Axis Skateboard

Available from www.axisrecords.com/

2. The Roland TB303 Wallet
When purchasing your new techno accessories, it’s important to show the shop keep that you’re not just another wannabe and there will be no disputing that you’re the real deal when you reach for your 303 Velcro wallet. If only Underground Resistance had their own credit card…

Available from www.juno.co.uk for a cool £7

3. The Ghostly International iPhone and Macbook Decals
Once upon a time a handful off Apple products and a pair of skinny jeans was all that you required to demonstrate your cutting edge, uber sheik-ness. These days a glowing Apple logo just doesn’t go as far as it once did. Never fear though, because once you cover up that outdated Apple icon with these slick Ghostly International decals, you’re status will once again be assured. “What sort of Computer is that you ask?” “Why it’s my GhostBook Pro of course”

iPhone Decal: $8USD from www.theghostlystore.com
MacBook Decal: $6USD from www.theghostlystore.com

4. The Carl Cox Cigarette Lighter with Bottle Opener
Your friends will look upon you with awe when you produce your Carl Cox Cigarette lighter at your next BBQ and their amazement will turn to euphoria when you casually flip the top off your beer with the built in bottle opener.

Available for just £3.50 from intecdigital.bigcartel.com

5. The UR Hoodie & Worker Jacket
The UR Hoodie has long been standard garb for the modern techno warrior, but if you’re looking for a more authentic Detroit look, then there is no going past the Underground Resistance workers jacket.

UR Worker Jacket: $29.99USD from www.submerge.com
UR Hoodie: $23.99USD from www.submerge.com

6. Plastikman Coffee Mug & M_nus Sake Set
Monday mornings after a big weekend of techno clubbing can be hard, but they will be a little easier once you’ve knocked back a strong black from your Plastikman Coffee Mug. And when the weekend does finally roll around again, your next dinner party will be a hit when you produce the official M_nus Sake set. Word of warning with the Sake set though, you will have to look closely to find the M-nus logo, as the branding is; well minimal.

Plastikman Mug
M_nus Sake Set

Plastikman Coffee Mug: $28AUD from www.zazzle.com.au
M_nus Sake Set: €49 from m-nus.com

8. Roland TR808 Shoulder Bag
What do you get the techno fan who has everything, well something to put it all in of course and what could be more practical than an 808 Shoulder Bag.

Roland TR 808 Shoulder Bag

Available from www.juno.co.uk

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