The Melbourne Techno Collective was founded in 2002 as an outlet for Melbourne techno dj’s and live acts. Earning a strong following by throwing free events throughout Melbourne, the Collective eventually found a permanent home in the basement of the Mercat Cross Hotel in early 2003.

Already known for the infamous Centrafugel events, the dark atmosphere of the Mercat’s basement was the perfect home for the Collective’s underground sounds, becoming known colloquially as the “Techno Dungeon” by Collective regulars.In late 2006 following the closure of the Mercat Cross the Melbourne Techno Collective opened a new chapter in it’s life when it became the first techno club to operate out of the iconic Melbourne nightspot, the Espy.

Continuing to grow since the early day’s on the scene, the Collective has become a vital part of Melbourne techno culture. As a Collective they have toured international techno artists such as, Justin Berkovi, Ignition Technician, Mike Humphries, Technasia, Echoplex & Cave. As Individuals they have given the Melbourne techno scene a voice through techno columns in street press and as hosts of the Planet Hardware and now MTC radio shows on Kiss FM.

However the Melbourne Techno Collective have always remained true to their underground virtues and original free party ethos. Consistently promoting quality events and supporting up and coming techno DJ’s and live acts. To this day the Melbourne techno Collective remains the home of grass roots techno in Melbourne, ensuring that Melbourne will continue to possess some of the most talented techno artists in the world.