Artist Feature: Lister Cooray

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Lister Cooray
Crew Affiliation: ebb&flo / Fluidlife / Balance
Label Affiliation: Text Book Music





How would you describe your sound?

Eclectic Groove

Give us five tunes/artists that some up your sound or who are rocking your world right now

James Teej
Mario & Vidis
John Talabot
Kevin Griffiths

When did you first start DJing?


What sets a good DJ apart from the pack?

The ebb&flo of the set.

When and where was your first gig?

Vaccine @ The Playroom (Brunswick St)

How was it?


What was the first record you purchased?

Kaskade – Brighter Day

Most memorable gig and why?

The launch party of ebb&flo featuring Jamie Stevens – July 2010. Absolute electric environment filled with close friends. Perfect way to launch our new concept.

Most disastrous gig and why?

Godskitchen Festival many years ago:

My partner pressed stopped on the CD playing!

How do you perform now? (CDs, vinyl, laptop etc.)


What made you choose the above?


Complete this sentence “the Melbourne scene is…”

about to take off again :)

Who inspires you?

Anyone pushing their own sound with no limits.

Day job or full time jockey (live act)?

Day Job

Complete This Sentence “Being a DJ is…”

the new thing to do..

Do you dabble in production?


What does your studio consist of?

Basic setup of midi controller, sound card, Logic/Ableton & drum pad.

Any bit of kit that is currently on your wish list?

Some Roland hardware would be nice!

Got any big gigs coming up we should know about?

Ebb & Flo featuring Dean Millson
Saturday June 9

Anything else you would like to plug?

For upcoming events & info:

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