Artist Feature: Louis McCoy

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Louis McCoy Artist feature
Crew Affiliation: Out of Focus (OOF) / Knee Deep

How would you describe your sound?
Off centre house music, with common escapes into hip-hop and funk.

Give us five tunes/artists that some up your sound or who are rocking your world right now
Mouth Rip – Cupp Cave
Shari vari – A Number Of Names
Cat Litter – Christopher Rau
Sexual Campfire – Tim Toh
Harmonious Funk – Mayaan Nidam

When did you first start DJing?

What sets a good DJ apart from the pack?
Passion, you have to have passion and you have to be able to express it. The people need to know that you love it as much as them if not more, you have to believe in what you created.

When and where was your first gig?
August the 8th 2009, F4 back room. 12-1am.

How was it?
Amazing, it couldn’t have gone any better, pretty much all my friends were there, the place was packed. I couldn’t shake the nerves no matter how much i had to drink. The first few tracks for a bit bumpy but then i hit my groove and started to relax and smile, the rest is history.

What was the first record you purchased?
Grandmaster Flash – The Message

Most memorable gig and why?
Burning Man 2011. In a desert in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the world with 2 of my best mates Scott Levy and Bryce Lawrence. We improvised a 5 hour set out of nowhere and it was just magic. The people, the atmosphere and the music, everything was aligned beautifully.

Most disastrous gig and why?
Probably Strawberry fields 2011, Luke Bruin, Toby Mackisack and I were set to open the main stage on friday night but they hadn’t finished setting up the sound yet, but we played anyway and the only speaker on was the booth and because they were still setting up, people weren’t allowed on the dance floor until 5 minutes before we finished.

How do you perform now? (CDs, vinyl, laptop etc.)
Mostly CD’s, but lately I’ve been getting into vinyl in a heavy way. Its filled me with even more passion.

What made you choose the above?
Vinyl was just too expensive and wasn’t available, so i took the CDJ route. Now vinyl has become a disease spreading throughout my body and i now have an insatiable appetite for black wax pancakes.

Complete this sentence “the Melbourne scene is…”
…. undergoing some changes for the better”

Who inspires you?
A lot of my inspiration comes from melbourne itself. We have so much talent thats just starting to see the light and its only getting better. Australia has never been a strong player in the house scene but over the last 5 years it has come along way. The Haul guys are doing great things, the Melbourne Deepcast boys doing fantastic things with there podcast and label. Also some young talent coming up that are really setting the bar high, Sleep D, The Tortoise, Joey Boyeah, Thrupence just to name a few. And of course the Melbourne Techno Collective boys, it fills me with such joy that these guys can still get together and throw a great party with heaps of positive vibes and solid tunes. Much love for those boys.

Day job or full time jockey?
Im a Builder by day, quite a contrast but i try and make it work.

Complete This Sentence “Being a DJ is…”
…. a privilege, a lot of “DJ’s” take it for granted and don’t use there opportunity to really give the punters what they deserve.”

Do you dabble in production?
I try, its just hard to find the time and i want to give it my everything like i do my dj’ing. When the time comes i want to be able to give it my all.

What does your studio consist of?
3 cdj’s, 2 turntables, 2 mixers, speakers, a few monitors, macbook and a midi keyboard. Hopefully a lot more soon.

Any bit of kit that is currently on your wish list?
Maschine Micro
Akai miniac

and the list goes on.

Got any big gigs coming up we should know about?
Warming for Huxley with homeboy Toby Mackisack @ the mercat on the 29th of june, Then the next Out of Focus with Sven Weisseman and Basic Soul Unit, which is going to be crazy. Im also really looking forward to playing with Kyle Hall in a few months. REALLY LOOKING FORWARD!

Anything else you would like to plug?
The entire new wave of Melbournes next generation intellectual sound brought to you by Out of Focus, Sound of Thought, Butter Sessions, Old Friend and PWD.

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