Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 1

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Since we love everything about fucking TECHNO and everything about the city we live in, Melbourne. We thought it was high time we feature some of our favourite local TECHNO producers and live acts!

Now we are not going to say much about each act, we thought we will let their music doing the talking. Each one of the artists make and play excellent TECHNO, that we love.

There is no particular order and we will be featuring more artists in part 2, because there are seriously a hell of a lot of excellent TECHNO producers in this fucking great city.

Voiteck – tD5

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This guy makes fucking brilliant TECHNO! He is a legend, a fucking great live act and a fucking excellent producer. If you don’t know this guy, wake the fuck up and recognise!

Craig McWhinney

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Well of course we were going to mention our mate Craig. He is a part of our MTC family and has been for a fucking long time. We have seen the progression from fucking kick ass dj, to mind blowing producer, to one of the best live acts in this country! Whether he is doing his own live set or playing with Mike Callander in Haul Music Live, you should always make sure your front and centre to witness Craig Live.


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This guy has been making us dance for a bloody long time, in all kinds of warehouses and clubs across this great city for years. His Live sets are world class and his production is next level!

Jani Ho

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Finn Audio boss! We love Jani, he is a fucking great mate, he makes quality fucking TECHNO and as a Live act, you are always dancing!


photo a4c0aff0-78c4-41fb-b481-bbbdffd81f3a_zps43f9be63.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 1 a4c0aff0 78c4 41fb b481 bbbdffd81f3a zps43f9be63

Live Acid TECHNO, Melbourne Fucking TECHNO! Syndrome is part of the Melbourne TEKNO Mulisha and his live sets always tears the roof off any place! If you love your TECHNO tough, you already know this guy!

Mike Callander

photo 8e9d1216-b7c6-4299-92a2-298b571ab443_zps1f0cace7.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 1 8e9d1216 b7c6 4299 92a2 298b571ab443 zps1f0cace7

This guy is a dead set legend! He can rock any dancefloor you put in front him. As a producer, as a Live act by himself or with Craig McWhinney in Haul Music Live, or as a DJ. Mike is one of the best!

Steve Law – Zen Paradox

photo e70af5a5-f56a-44e9-a159-fd2d85099eb5_zps380e824e.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 1 e70af5a5 f56a 44e9 a159 fd2d85099eb5 zps380e824e

Steve is an Electronic music genius! An analog legend in this city and he has been blowing peoples minds across many many dancefloors!

That should keep use busy!

We will have some more Melbourne TECHNO for you this time next week, so stay tuned!

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