Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2

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Ok, we are back again to point out that this city has some fucking great TECHNO producers.

When we started this little feature we really didn’t realise exactly how many talented TECHNO producers there are in this city and well it looks like this feature is going to have a part 3 and 4, because well, there is just way to much talent in this fucking great city.

As mentioned in part one, we’re not going to spend a lot of time talking these producers up, we’ll let their music speak for it’s self, because well, it is all fucking excellent!

How do we start off part 2? Well it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t start with this ACID legend!


photo d76babdc-7897-43d5-89b6-4122cda6583e_zps42512d3d.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 d76babdc 7897 43d5 89b6 4122cda6583e zps42512d3d

We can’t begin to tell you how many times this guy has blown our heads off with his excellent live analog TECHNO sets. A true pioneer of electronic music in this country and if you haven’t heard of this guy, you better get yourself a fucking education!

Chiara KickDrum

photo 646d6b29-ef8a-48f0-a1dd-86f8e92deddf_zps18d3a378.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 646d6b29 ef8a 48f0 a1dd 86f8e92deddf zps18d3a378

This lovely TECHNO lady, sure does kick some serious ass! If you have not yet seen this lady play yet, then you need to get off your ass and get to her next gig, because Chiara is excellent!

Jake Blood

photo 6c9c0dd3-30d2-4e88-a5f1-93949b14067e_zps728328b1.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 6c9c0dd3 30d2 4e88 a5f1 93949b14067e zps728328b1

We first came across Jake belting out some ACID in early hours of the morning down at phenomenal party, Pleasure Planet! This guy makes some seriously awesome music!

Backroom Reality

photo 161b7115-22b2-4978-9dbc-f45af7a4d631_zpsd844618c.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 161b7115 22b2 4978 9dbc f45af7a4d631 zpsd844618c

The reality is, if you haven’t heard this guy play or you don’t own one of his tracks, you need to catch the fuck up. Once you give this guy a listen, you’ll be a fan and you’ll be following what he does very closely.


photo 8e2e2c7b-f66e-4865-aa6d-dd7f17a5cc38_zps09a5f29c.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 8e2e2c7b f66e 4865 aa6d dd7f17a5cc38 zps09a5f29c

We here at MTC are big fans of this guy! D-Rex is on the fucking money! He makes some seriously good TECHNO and we always have some of his track ready to play to a TECHNO hungry crowd!


photo 55f0125a-68b2-4360-b6ec-59470e698247_zps4f3d479d.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 55f0125a 68b2 4360 b6ec 59470e698247 zps4f3d479d

This guy just keeps pumping out the quality TECHNO and he also puts on some pretty fucking sweet parties too! As soon as you have a listen or as soon as your standing in front of him, on any dancefloor across Melbourne, you’ll become a fan!


photo 9272314c-b0a4-4397-be3c-1ffb95aecef1_zps3cf3c4c1.jpg {focus_keyword} Artist Feature: Melbourne TECHNO Part 2 9272314c b0a4 4397 be3c 1ffb95aecef1 zps3cf3c4c1

Petrou knows his TECHNO. He puts together some seriously excellent sounds. Honestly, we can’t get enough of his TECHNO, it sounds so fucking good!

Well that’s it for part 2.

There is fucking heaps for you to listen too and don’t worry, we’ll have heaps fucking more for you next week as well, so stay tuned!

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