Artist Feature: Toby Fairbank

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toby fairbank
Label Affiliation: Gynoid audio / All Those Shapes

How would you describe your sound?

How do you perform? (CDs, vinyl, laptop etc.)
I mostly use ableton and my uc33 controller. I would use trigger finger and launchpad as well sept for ridiculous latency issues between my asus and external devices…

Complete this sentence “the Melbourne scene is…”
diversified fruitloops

Who inspires you?
randomly: groj, untold, Johannes Anathan, clark, aphex, global goon, milyoo, mattias fridell, mike wall, electrorites, Nicholas Szczepanik, andy stott, casino versus japan, Andre Gil, Chairman Kato, Clone Kent, Dr Nojoke, Eda, Free The Robots, Hidenobu Ito, Joseph Nothing, Machinefiend, Monoloc, Erphun, Quantic Spectroscopy; heaps more but that’ll do for now…

Do you dabble in production?
yes. i dabble. and the dabbling is increasing.

What does your studio consist of?
korg es-x1, mfb-502, korg kp-2, korg mono-poly, x0xb0x, sid sammich, juno 60, MBase-01, Boss Metal Zone, Boss PH-2, mackie CFX12, + some other bits.


all that stuff isnt set up yet. So I currently use Ableton and my UC33 for production.

Any bit of kit that is currently on your wish list?
Theres probably lots on my list, but first I need a keyboard stand and midi kit for the mono/poly and juno 60. then maybe moog minotaur, emw wcs-1 synth, jomox 888, machine drum 2 uw2 (the second 1 with sampling)

Anything you would like to plug?
My second release on Gynoid Audio came out on May the 7th 2012: “Aporia” Can listen on this page:

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