Bang TECH 12 19th Anniversary!

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Ok we know we normally just tell you about all the great TECHNO goings on in Melbourne, but we are going to change that, just for this fucking awesome event!

As you know we have a pretty crazy Detroit TECHNO addiction and we’ll be heading over to Detroit in May again, for one of the best festivals on the planet, Movement!

But what makes our trip that much fucking better is, the awesome people at Bang TECH 12 put on one of the BEST parties of the year. So the day before Movement, you head over to Bookies Bar and Grille in Detroit and you get to witness some of the best TECHNO from the USA and the rest of the world!

We have been to the last 2 parties and well, they fucking kick ASS!

If you are in Detroit for Movement, you need to get yourself to this party.

 photo 1ae28918-11c3-4e7a-91b0-727f4e42b347_zpslb0fx8kr.jpg

The Detroit based world wide collective Bang Tech 12 is turning 19!

So Come celebrate their collective, the amazing city of Detroit, and the music that was born here.

4 rooms of sound plus an outdoor rooftop patio with music provided by our amazing and proud Bang Tech 12 artists and friends.

Check out some of the names already included for this years party.

DJ Mary Jane
Bang Tech 12 Colorado/TN

Eno aka ?confusion?
Bang Tech 12 New England/TN

Bang Tech 12 TN

Bang Tech 12 TN

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

DJ Seoul
Bang Tech 12 Detroit

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

G Major
Bang Tech 12 Detroit

Djmoreese Turner
Bang Tech 12 Ohio

Bang Tech 12 Ohio

Ziggy Willemse

Terry James
San Diego

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