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In-between worlds there is white and there is black. The black is a shadowland, a reflection of a set of possibilities that may never happen…unless the veil opens and the zig zag patio is crossed. This is such an occasion as we reach across the geographic veil to extract our most prolific Machine Label artist to date: THE BLACK MOY from Strasbourg France.

THE BLACK MOY owns the dual distinction of the second ever release on Machine Label, The Abyss EP [MACH002] back in 2011, and the quickest follow up ever with the Bass Syndrome EP [MACH003] also in 2011. Quietly going about his work in the time since, he has become the most prolific artist on Machine Label, with the Parameters EP [MACH012] in 2013, the Natural Process EP [MACH026] in 2015, and his 5th EP, Cerebral Probe [MACH035] released this June and a plethora of remixes for label artists such as H229, Linas, Lateral, Vincenn & Orion. The Black Moy stakes a fair claim to being the most influential sound on the label.

It’s an exciting event for us to bring out one of our own and to celebrate his growing stature in Australia and abroad. The Black Moy is known for his tight, high production values and enormous sound. With a foundation laid upon solid beat structures and mesmerising atmospherics, there is an abundantly clear dancelfoor prerogative, but with an unexpected and alluring artefact; plenty of deep and experimental headroom. The Black Moy’s compositions are characterised by an enormity of space and a density of sound. Together the two make for a spellbinding contradiction sure to keep the ears interested and the body moving. Behold The Black Moy’s music here:

In accompaniment we hail the return of Machine Label cosmonaut and breaker of beats COMPOSITE CONE, joined with collaborator KLAPS (stand by for upcoming releases on the label). Composite Cone’s Herakleion EP [MACH033] came out in April and has since been receiving incredible feedback for it’s originality and complex mesmerising and unpredictable production and dreamlike beauty. He drifts mercilessly on the seas of consensus reality, shipwrecked and splintered on the shoals of linear reason. He is blessed with an ear that hears beyond rhyme, fazing and ebbing across the tides; playing at shadows in a wide eyed dance with reason.. Such is the way with this wunderkind. Composite Cone bleeds through days in hibernation into the bliss of night where his machines abide him, offering up their algorithms like secrets from the vault of time. De-cypher this and I will give you the code. Crack the code and I give you the sound of the future. Wonder at Composite Cone’s latest release here:

Upstairs we bring you Syme Tollens offering up an encore performance after packing out the second level last month with seriously infectious tech funk. Tollens has pedigree and talent to burn with a sound that delivers. This is the perfect off set to downstairs and the pressure release valve in the coffee machine.

Joining Syme Tollens we offer you the Melbourne debut of DJ ELSCORCHO. A long time player from the Northern NSW party scene his luscious tech gems and accomplished style are made for the space. Listen to Elscorcho here:

Rounding out Downstairs are Machine residents, Andrew Till and Simon Slieker.

Read about the long and fabled career of Andrew Till here.

Read about the almost as long and nearly as fabled career of Simon Slieker here:

VDMO, has brought an incredible live projection array to three walls of the main dance floor transforming the space into a a chamber of dimensionality and depth. Programmed live geometric patterns twisting and riffing off the Machine design aesthetic. VDMO brings the visual aspect of the evening to dizzying heights.

Machine at My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

10pm – 6am, $20 before midnight, $25 after midnight.

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