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nativeKONTROL ClyphX v1.0: Preview
June 5, 2012, Comments Off

Melbourne producer Paul Beynon from Text Music fame brought this to our attention and we thought it was well worthy of s ...

Francis Prève: Mattel Synsonics
August 7, 2011, Comments Off

Another Ableton preset from Francis Prève. This time around Prève dusts of a vintage drum machine from his collection, ...

RA: Roman Flügel Interview
August 6, 2011, Comments Off

Resident Advisor’s Ryan Keeling speaks to Alter Ego’s Roman Flügel about Sampling, FM synthesis & find ...

Francis Prève: Sine of the Times
August 6, 2011, Comments Off

Production geeks should be well aware of Francis Prève and if you’re not well you should certainly add his blog y ...

10 free Ableton Live sets from M_nus
June 22, 2010, Comments Off

Ableton and M_nus have collaborated to put together these 10 Live Sets. Created by M_nus artists Click Box, Hobo, Heartt ...

Propellerhead Reason 5: First look
May 29, 2010, Comments Off

Techno producers look out! Reason 5 is about to launch and it has some gnarly additions which make its already impressiv ...

January 18, 2010, Comments Off

Local DJ and producer Uone has been hard at it in the studio with a brand new release due to hit stores on Jan 30. Entit ...