Citizen Kain comes down under!

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Morning After team up with Doesn’t Matter to present you their debut event, featuring the dynamic French DJ and Producer CITIZEN KAIN! With a star studded array of fresh local talent and a smashing 3 hour set from CITIZEN KAIN, this night is not to be missed……

Citizen Kain:

None of us know what Bruno retains from Orson Wells or Kane, and surely we could relate his music to the timeless apologues of the american director and to God’s cursed son but Citizen Kain has now became a proper name around the techno scene and one of his main actor, almost relegating these mythical references to mere anecdotes.

It didn’t take millenaries, nor one century but only half a decade for the french DJ to divert us from it and to demonstrate the evenly universality of his compositions. Escaped from his juvenile punk times, survivor of the nineties’s rave ambient, he, from 2005 and now on, eagerly produce a sharp techno, invariably wavy and contemporary, adapting with his personality what goes trough and agitate it. It’s barely impossible to define Citizen Kain’s style without getting lost with tortuous adjectives. Prolific author, either compulsive, he takes on every techno genders smoothly with an experienced technique: he combines a rhythm efficiency, an undisputed go with a varied melodious sensibility. He refines all the themes he uses in his music, conserving the very essential, the few notes and sounds that reveal its power. He pushes his effort toward the public, craving for its immediate pleasures. He builds each of his sets with the same and constant preoccupation: get the audience involved with his music, unanimously clasped by its twisted energy and surrounded by the mere and heavy emotion resulting.

Thus it’s not surprising to see the variety, as his talents are that polyvalent, of the personalities gaging his production: Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Slam, Martin Eyerer, Agoria, Tomcraft, Len Faki, Maetrik, Monika Kruse, Dave Clarke, John Acquaviva, Joseph Capriati, Mihalis Safras …


MATT RADOVICH (Melbourne TECHNO Collective/ Stable Music)
SORCERESS (LuPS Amsterdam, For The Record & BBB Melbourne)
MOSKALIN (Doesn’t Matter)
HANDSDOWN (Euphorie Bezirk)
CLARE BLAKE (Doesn’t Matter)
LEIGH BOY (Euphorie Bezirk)
ANDRE LE VOGUE (Doesn’t Matter)

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See you on the dance floor!

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