Craig is at it again!

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Our very own Craig McWhinney has come through with the goods yet again. When it comes to production Craig never disappoints and his new track under his alias Vohkinne, is a fucking great one! It has been getting a lot of love from some TECHNO heavy weights and it makes every dance floor go crazy! You will dig this!

Here is the press release!

Label head Vohkinne steps up to the plate again with the sweaty and headstrong 3rd release from Atrophic Society, ‘Creole Rhythm’. It’s concrete rhythm, combined with an analogue lead riff stirs echoes of warehouses, insistently driving forward, mindful of where it’s been. Tripeo remixes the title track with gusto and flair as we’ve come to expect, staying faithful to the riff whilst aggressively re-paving the rhythm, offering a slight twist on the original idea. Rounding out the EP, ‘Be Like the Sun’ removes the rhythm to focus on tone, frequency, shades of sub bass and saturation.

Listen to it here

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