Craig McWhinney

DJ, Producer
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Craig McWhinney has notched up a solid decade and more of DJing in his hometown of Melbourne, playing to appreciative crowds from just a few hundred sweaty techno heads in the Mercat Basement, showcase gigs for clubs such as Honkytonks and Sorry Grandma and festivals such as War of the Worlds and Two Tribes. As one of the founding members of the Melbourne Techno Collective and more recently as label boss of Haul Recordings, Craig McWhinney has forged his own unique sound, influenced equally by the sounds of Detroit, House, Dub Techno, and Bass music. However it was the launch of his label, Haul Music (alongside Mike Callander and Christian Vance), that Craig launched himself on the world scene. Receiving some incredible feedback from techno’s heavyweights such as DJ Hell, Ben Sims and Phil Kieran, and an appearance in the Beatport Techno Charts, the excitement surrounding this quiet achiever has become truly infectious. Craig McWhinney’s success is no flash-in-the-pan either.

In 2007 Philadelphia’s minimal techno stalwart Someone Else snapped up one of Craig’s tracks “Gold Rush” for his Unfoundsound imprint, catching the attention of innovative DJs such as New York’s DJ Three. While on tour in Australia, Three was so determined to track down the producer that he asked every other DJ in the country who he was, citing the track as one of his best for the year.

Over the years since this initial release, stories like this have become almost common place and with releases and remixes on labels such as Steadfast, Electric Deluxe, Melbourne Deepcast, Project Squared, Telrae & Hypnotic Room to name just a few, Craig’s steady flow of releases have garned much respect and admiration amongst the wider techno community.

Craig McWhinney Releases:

Make Your Mess EP
Christian Vance – Too Long On Venus (Remix)
Jostrupine EP (Remix)