Toby Fairbank

DJ, Producer
toby fairbank
Label Affiliation: Gynoid Audio / All Those Shapes

Toby Fairbank loves
sound scapes and textures,
atmospheres and layers,
percussion and drums,
emotion and destruction
and mixes diversely in accordance
with these behaviours.

Mostly using Ableton Live and a UC33 midi controller when mixing it up, but will use vinyl, cd, traktor or whatever is at hand.

Toby has almost completed the SAE audio engineering Diploma, has Scored the short film “Interupted” (2008) for Kim Taylor, recorded audio for the films: “A Moment in Chaos” (Brendan Krotz 2009), “Herbert The Hoarding Hermit” (Anthony Littlechild 2009) “Broken Cart” (Amir Rezaei 2009) and “Late Bloomer” which featured in the 2010 Tropfest.

He has previously played live once
at the LAB party with Mark Henning and mostly uses Ableton Live for music making and has also used Buzz – the tracker program – with one of his favourite songs ‘The Offspring of Delirium’ made exclusively with Buzz.

Production is slowly becoming
more a part of his life
as he trys to balance out
all his ideas with time and being a scatterbrain.

His first single “sequential habitats” is out now on Gynoid Audio.