Haul 14: Mark Briais – Billy’s Sound

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Haul 14 Mark Brais Billy's Sound The latest Haul release it Beatport last week and as you would expect it’s an absolute cracker. Yet try as we might, we at the MTC just couldn’t find words more apt to describe it than the Haul Music stable’s own. So here’s what they had to say…

“At its fourteenth release, Haul Music is now well and truly a teenager. So, what better lesson for a young adult seeking inspiration and direction than to hear the wisdom of a true veteran?

Mark Briais is one of very few Australians genuinely qualified to wear the veteran title. Having dominated the DJ booths of countless Brisbane clubs and holding some of that city’s most important long term residencies since 1993, he is now welcomed to the Haul Music family as we proudly present our first original release from an artist outside Melbourne.

Thus, while Mark’s original is a mature dose of deeper dancefloor design, in the interest of contrast and originality we saw it fitting that remix duties should fall to a couple of youngsters. First up is the infantile and rather mysterious new band, The Exits, about whom we can tell you nothing, for this is their first production. The original parts fell into their hands, their remix fell into ours… and we loved it. It’s a mid tempo jam that’d be a nice soundtrack to which you might bone your loved one on your anniversary.

Then, to darken your spirits, we’ve again enlisted the services of that troubled adolescent, Jay Vincent Junior to deliver an interpretation so far removed from the spirit of the original you’ll wonder if you didn’t break something in your brain upon first listen.

Ready your ears and proceed!”

xx Haul Music

Mark Briais – Billy’s Sound (Jay Vincent Jnr Remix) by Craig McWhinney

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