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HAUL MUSIC is the heart-child of Australian electronic musicians Christian Vance, Craig McWhinney and Mike Callander.

Australia, and our home city Melbourne, forms an integral and recurring theme that inspires our electronic music. Yet we are equally influenced by the cultural history of the world’s music capitals, and acknowledge the importance of a city’s history to its inspiration of musical and artistic output.

As such we have chosen to respond directly to the need for a vehicle of connectivity between our isolated island continent and the greater electronic music world.

HAUL MUSIC is this vehicle.

And at the core of our label name HAUL is our country code “AU”.

As lovers of techno and house music and the expressive spirit underpinning these art forms, we are a long way away from the ‘action’. We are isolated, sometimes ostracised. Our cultural battles are fierce, and our travels uphill. At best reckoning we are a long HAULfrom any city in which we might be better understood. We must work long and hard to communicate with the world to which we so desperately want to be connected.

And so, we have created a vehicle for this connection and communication:

HAUL MUSIC is the avenue

along which we transport our ideas from Australia to the greater music world, and by which we travel to the hearts and minds of those who are just like us in many ways, but who live and dream and dance far beyond the borders of our isolated island continent.

Music / Releases

To preview and purchase releases from HAUL MUSIC, check out their artist page on www.beatport.com