JDJX delivers an awesome first EP!

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New Melbourne live hardware act JDJX comprised of JDK and Juxtpose release their first EP ‘Opening’ on Juxtpose’s imprint TSUGU on July 5th.

The pair met and found they had a common background as both have studied jazz, JDK on the drums and Juxtpose on the guitar. They also shared a common interest in performing live and improvising, probably the only common denominator jazz and techno share.

The ‘Opening’ EP brings together a currently popular strain of techno that diverges towards ambience and deeper sounds. The slower tempo’s of the first three tracks came about naturally and were not entirely intentional. Whilst trying to maintain a live aesthetic the tracks were recorded as multiple layers much as a band would layer record parts. With as little editing and maintaining as much of the live feel as possible ‘Opening’ was born.

Listen to it here

And you can buy it here on the 5th of July


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