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Machine Friday 27th Feb – Future Construct

Eyes on the prize. The prize is the future. The obvious object. The constant creeper, who hovers, releasing fragments, frayed raiments, the fringed filigree of myriad secrets. This is what we lie in wait, for, lie awake, for, and dream our hypnotic dreams, of.

Casual keeper, and vast decrier. It is we, the explorers, who strain for some visage, some vestige of what may come, next. Yearning for a moment connected to that place, beyond, which, upon hearing, we can say:

“I have heard it, and it’s peals are as laughter to the innocent, and having heard it, (it) can not be unheard, and I am forever changed; for the future, in me, has come, and through me will come again.”

This is what we live for. This is the techno for which we play, for which we search, for which we frolic, and fumble and stumble through the darkness. For this thing, that we sometimes touch, we collaborate and combine and throw maddening hours, for that one single glimpse.

For this prize, the sound of the future, we name this event. For this event is bound up in the fantasy and philosophy of this grandest prize. This Machine we invite you, yes, entreat you, to come forth for our vision of forward thinking music and we bring you an artist of international acclaim for whom this auditory vision, is his practicing mission:

JPLS (USA) Minus, SCI+TEC, Delft Records (Read bio below)

D-Rex – [Machine Label / Bunker ] (Live with modular kit – must see)

Andrew Till – (Digital with external controller)

Simon Slieker – (Analogue with vinyl plates)

SOUND : Funktion-One


JPLS is an American techno producer with releases on Minus, SCI+TEC and Delft Records. Raised in an Indiana cornfield and classically trained in theoretical Mathematics, his approach to production continually crosses the line of precision and reduction. Unpredictable and unconventional, JPLS continues to push forward his vision of techno as true future music.

The explosion of nearby Chicago’s Industrial and Electronic scene in the mid 90’s provided JPLS with the initial inspiration for what would become his lifelong obsession. Thanks to a small group of dedicated friends, this escape into other worlds consumed weekends in warehouses and weekdays in basement studios. After receiving countless demos over the span of five years, Richie Hawtin welcomed JPLS to the Minus roster in 2006 and fully supported his unusually sparse approach to production. After multiples albums, eps and tours JPLS accepted a uniquely challenging role as the executive audio producer for Hawtin’s highly acclaimed Plastikman Live tour of 2010.

When listening to the latest releases on Delft Recordings & Dubfire’s SCI+TEC label from JPLS, it is easy to hear the industrial influence from his youth shining through. His productions are now split between the continual exploration of minimal techno and a more aggressive approach that is directly inspired by the music that pushed him down this road.

“It’s the merging of my approach to techno and my love of dark, aggressive Industrial music. A shiny, jet black abstraction of the music that initially inspired me”

Chalk the date, and lie in wait as the future comes to you…

10PM – 6AM

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