Machine Turns 6!

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Machine Saturday 23rd May – 6th Birthday – Out of the long dark

Many things happen when you turn 6. Starting school and riding a bike without training wheels, not least among them. And some of us smash out a class act of a techno club and marry it to a record label and call it MACHINE.

6 years of it. This is huge for Machine. You never think, upon commencement that you’ll still be going at 6. In fact, when they began, 6 years ago, techno in this city was in such a sorry state, they didn’t know if they’d still be going in 6 weeks.

A lot has changed over that time. Melbourne has re-claimed its mantle as the Australian flag bearer of the techno medium. A title we so proudly brandished in the nineties… after stealing it from Adelaide, as we do in this state. Sorry HMC > but you should have moved here long ago.

They’d like to think that they’ve played some small part in that resurgence, and you know, they probably have; but mostly they’re pleased to be here. The fact that they are, means a lot, but chiefly, it means that you them here. Correct, this is the part of the conversation where their celebration is a reflection of our network, our community, where our anniversary is actually about all of us. It is a success story, where you dear reader, grant our novella the legitimacy that every fledgling writer craves. Maybe you took them to bed with you and read them to your children. Maybe you kept them to yourself. Maybe you shared them with your friends. Upon further consideration, that would be more appropriate than your children.

Whatever the case there certainly has been some sharing, because here they are, and the longer this rite of passage lasts, the more assured their tenure seems.

It all began on a dark and stormy night 6 years ago. The streets were strangely quiet as we suffocated in the post techno malaise of minimal-electro-clash. Most of us were dead already; but those that held a flicker of flame to the candle, crept out to investigate the stirring mechanics of this new MACHINE.

Grouped around the controls, offering up heretic prayers to the abandoned gods of techno, were MIKE CALLANDER, ANDREW TILL and SIMON SLIEKER. Evidently their invocations were heard, because neither were they struck down nor pilloried at the gate, and all three have lived on to tell their tale. A tale that will be retold on this occasion. This revisitation of that strangely quiet and cold wintery night…6 years on.

So for their birthday it is with a deepest honour and exuberance that we welcome back Mike Callander. Mike who has gone on to enjoy a storied and celebrated success. At the helm of Haul Records. With a litany of production credits to his name, and the mastermind behind Melbourne’s premiere teaching academy for the dark electronic arts. Welcome back Mike. We love you.

Andrew and Simon in support. And now they just need to you join them. On a SATURDAY no less. So they can party like there’s no tomorrow, and bring this puppy home.



$10 B4 Midnight / $15 after Midnight

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