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Good things come to those who wait. And we’ve been waiting what feels like an eternity. Let us jog the collective memory: do you remember January 28, immediately following Rainbow? The density of the packed My Aeon house, and the enormity of Dasha Rush commanding the controls? That was Machine’s last event at My Aeon.

Since then the venue has been closed for extensive renovations and re-fit. Now it is our time, the time for Machine to re-enter the space it calls home and bring with us all of you whom we call our house mates. Time for our cosy little cohabitation arrangement to go next level.

Did we say “next level”? So we did. How appropriate as the second most anticipated feature of the renewed venue is indeed the second floor. With it’s detailed surround Funktion one sound, it’s new ceiling, new roof, new (dance) floor, new booth and new bar. Yep pretty much, it may as well be a whole new club unto itself. That’s level one.

Did we say 2nd most anticipated feature? Yes.

That’s because our number one most anticipated puts the club right up there where we think a world class techno space should be. It puts the effort and money and expansion right where it’s been needed. The most criticised aspect my My Aeon has now been resolved, and this makes it the best feature of all: one massive united space downstairs with sight lines from front to back. An extended acoustically treated dance floor and an upgraded, finely tuned Funktion-One System for the best sound. Welcome to the main room. In fact it’s major.

Just in case you needed more cause for this event to be more massive than it already is, it just happens to be Machine’s birthday as well. What better way to celebrate than to surround yourselves with Machine Label artistry and extended crews and family. They’re sharing the love to make this very much a Melbourne Explosion of local homegrown talent.


– MACHINE – Main Room –
Juan Tellez (Machine Label) Debut EP ‘Stamina’ launch

Lateral (Machine Label)

ANDREW TILL (Machine / Machine Label)

SIMON SLIEKER (Machine / Machine Label)

Silo Productions – Melbourne and Billion Underground as their collab entity: DARK MATTER with another of their signature deep and spirited techno parties this time showcasing Melbourne label Southern Lights

Southern Lights is a Melbourne based label showcasing avant garde, hypnotic Techno sounds. Limited vinyl releases. The take over of the newly created My Aeon first floor at this event features Southern Lights artists:


Craig McWhinney –

DANIEL FILIPOVIC – (Southern Lights)

In synopsis: sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in this case we’ve really missed the warm and familiar confines of our My Aeon home. Now on the cusp of the re-opening it feels as though techno melbourne draws it’s collective breath: what does this new incarnation have in store? Time to find out, bust it out at Machine and celebrate the 7th Birthday while we’re at it.

B R I N G I T!

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