MTC 15th Birthday Resident Feature: Peter Baker

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The celebration of 15 years of TECHNO in Melbourne is just around the corner, so it’s seems to us like a good idea to feature another one of our very own! Without this guy we wouldn’t have gotten together and become a collective! He is one of the finest DJs in Melbourne and his track selection is second to none. We are talking about the one and only, Peter Baker.

We have asked each of our residents some questions about their time with MTC. Here are Peter’s answers.

15 years of TECHNO is a long time. For the people that havent been with you for the whole 15 years, what are some memorable moments that you fondly remeber from your experience at MTC.

Huh, remembering anything from an MTC event is an achievement in itself.
I remember when I first meet Matt RAD at a tiny party a few mates (pretty sure Sam Mcewin was involved as well?) and i put on at the Grand Hotel on Burnly street in Richmind. A smile from ear to ear he approached a said ‘G’day Mate, wanna throw techno parties together?’ That’s when MTC was born.
Of recent memories it would have to be slamming a million shoots with Craig McWhinney when we hosted the bottom floor of Lucky Coq. So many shoots, Craig was in fine form.

Name some stand TECHNO tracks that remind you of MTC.

Luke Slater – Class Action

Vitalic – La Rock

Andrew McLauchlan – Love Story

Surgeon – Force and Form

Holy Ghost – Hand of God

What’s that one MTC party you will never forget and why?

Remembering all the parties involves super human strength. I remember the hangovers!
There has been so many amazing parties and good times its hard to pin point. Of recent, the parties we held at Railway were pretty special. Ramming that venue with a crowd that was up for it was pretty special and having all the crew there together was MTC at its best.

Over the years MTC has had a few international and local guests. Which local and international DJ and local live act really stood out to you?

I think I remember the locals more then I remember the internationals. The depth of local talent in Melbourne is staggering and to watch it grow and evolve over the last 15 years has been amazing. The new crews now are doing some amazing events, the older crews still running strong and of course, us old MTC guys still pushing the sound we love. So for me it’s the locals I remember hands down.

MTC has been held in quite a few of Melbourne’s excellent venues around Melbourne. Which venue was your favourite?

Can there be any other venue except Deep 11? Downstairs to a dark basement with a booming sound system and a bar. You dont need much more than that.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to at the 15th birthday shindig?

Hanging with my MTC team enjoying what each of us bring to the party. Having a shoot with Craig McWhinney, high fiving Jay reading, laughing with Matt Rad and listening to Sam McEwin rant about anything.

Back in 2002, In the front bar of the Grand Hotel in Richmond, Pete, along with Sam McEwin were hosting one of the first MTC parties. An enthusiastic raver named Matt Radovich approached and the rest was history. MTC was born.

From dance floors of early 90’s dockland raves, to hosting ‘Good Machine Bad Machine’ radio show on Kiss FM for almost five years, to 5am sets at the Melbourne institution ‘The Late Show’ at Revolver, running clubs, running bars, booking djs, promoting festivals, relocating to London and Sweden but always calling Melbourne home, Pete has always loved and been part of the Melbourne electronic music scene.


Peter is easily one of the Best TECHNO DJs in Melbourne and we highly recommend you are front and centre when this guy steps up to the decks!

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