MTC’s 14th B’day Artist Feature – Craig McWhinney

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Craig McWhinney is a DJ, producer and live artist that has gained the respect of the techno community in Australia and beyond, and been doing the rounds of Melbourne’s infamous haunts for over 14 years.

As the label head of Atrophic Society, Craig McWhinney has enjoyed the success of his own tracks (including those under his alias Vohkinne), as well as father the releases of Ben Sims, Brendon Moeller and Tripeo, which in turn, have garnered support from, amongst others, Surgeon, Rrose, The Black Dog and Pfirter.

Acting under Vohkinne has allowed him to focus on the darker, deeper, and at times dubbier side of techno. His debut release on Atrophic Society “Battery,” is a prime example of this and his precision in creating slithering synths and textural soundscapes with a dance floor in mind. While Craig operates within the boundaries of techno, he is influenced by the sounds of electro, dubstep (“the real shit, not the abomination it’s become”), Detroit, Birmingham, experimental and industrial. Rather than settle for one style, he is continually on the hunt for different music – which helps inform his multifarious sets and releases. Having released remixes and EPs on labels including Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast Records, Electric Deluxe, Project Squared, Sub Squared, Attemporal, Snejl Black, Theory records, Affin, Telrae, Kynant Records and Sample & Hold, he stands as one of our biggest exports in techno.

Over the past decade and a half, Craig has been able to secure slots at the illustrious Honkytonks, Mercat Basement, and festivals such as Two Tribes and War of the Worlds. With his brand extending overseas, Craig has been able to bring his techno deftness to Europe at About Blank in 2013.

Craig is also one of the co-founders of Haul Music alongside Mike Callander and Christian Vance, and a co-founder of Melbourne Techno Collective. Using his wealth of experience and gift for sound design, Craig focuses on his label Atrophic Society, with his latest releases “ASVA” (a compilation on Atrophic Society) and “Wind Shadows” (for Kynant Records) hitting shelves in 2016.



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