New Release: Oscar Mulero – Black Propaganda

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Label. Warm Up Recordings
Artist. Oscar Mulero
Title. Black Propaganda
Format. Digital and vinyl
Release Date. June 11th, 2012

Oscar Mulero’s first album in almost a year is set to hit stores on July 2nd and the MTC were lucky enough to get a sneak peek into what is sure to be a hugely anticipated release. The album which is being released on Mulero’s own Warm Up Recordings is as diverse a release as can be remembered from the Spaniard. Entitled Black Propaganda, the album is a both deeply dark & unimaginably heavy with the perfect balance of straight up dance floor fodder and more moody material.

Starting off in more experimental territory with Dirty the album takes shape with some 4/4 action before diverting briefly into the spooky, broken groove of To Convince For The Untruth. From there things get seriously heavy with Mulero’s devastating bottom end a welcome feature throughout and with every track a standout the album delivers too many highlights to list them all.

Essential release for those who like their techno, dark and heaving. Mulero fans won’t be disappointed.

01. The Dirt
02. Instant Widespread of the Dirt
03. Introducing Errors
04. Disinformation
05. To Convince for the Untruth
06. Intentionally False
07. Inaccurated Information
08. False Statements
09. Black Propaganda

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