Pleasure Planet turns 2

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The excellent party know as Pleasure Planet turns 2!

These parties are truly amazing and if you have not yet experienced one yet, you are missing out on a bloody good time!

For their Birthday party, they give you 24 hours of non stop musical bliss! Check out this line up!

photo 11080397_809095329179113_1676000277195150703_o_zpsgulnvoio.jpg {focus_keyword} Pleasure Planet turns 2 11080397 809095329179113 1676000277195150703 o zpsgulnvoio

Have a listen to some of the excellent sets from the past 2 years here.

And pleasure planet isn’t just about pleasuring your ears, this party tantalizes your eyes as well. Check out this list of awesome artists doing their thing during the 24 hour birthday bash.

photo 11136161_809980089090637_8827315201125716941_o_zpsfld0dfg3.jpg {focus_keyword} Pleasure Planet turns 2 11136161 809980089090637 8827315201125716941 o zpsfld0dfg3

So cancel your plans for this weekend and get yourself to Lounge in the city. You will certainly have one of the best party experiences of your life!

photo 10999330_805464582875521_7700398865975708393_o_zpst8ldk8te.jpg {focus_keyword} Pleasure Planet turns 2 10999330 805464582875521 7700398865975708393 o zpst8ldk8te

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