R.I.P. Zebra Magazine

Written by  //  July 20, 2010  //  Local News  //  Comments Off

Melbourne’s beloved Street Press Icon Zebra Magazine will cease to exist from August 11 this year. Street Press Australia, owners of Zebra Magazine, Inpress and a number of other publications announced today, that Zebra will be discontinued in favour of a Melbourne version of Sydney’s popular 3D World. 3D world was relaunched in Sydney last month in a new glossy format and was expanded to include arts, technology and travel, along side the magazine’s staple of Hip Hop and Dance culture.

3D World editor Kris Swales said in a press release today that “The Introduction of Victorian and Queensland versions of the magazine means that readers in those states will finally get the high quality, broad focus standalone dance music and hip hop publication they’ve been demanding for so long”

While the new glossy 3D magazine sounds impressive, it will still be sad to say goodbye to what has been such a mainstay of Melbourne clubbing culture over the years. 3D World will hit the streets every Wednesday starting August 11.

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