DJ, Producer
RedLed {focus_keyword} RedLed IMG 4585
Crew Affiliation: N/A
Label Affiliation: Finn Audio
The most recent artist to join the Finn Audio stable is a force to be reckoned with hailing from The Åland Islands. Finnish producer and live act/DJ RedLed (Johan Grönlund). He is a unique live act and a promising young producer, in the vast world of techno.

Johan became interested in electronic music in the mid 90’s. Taking inspiration from various genres going from techno and house to more experimental stuff, the interest in music led him early on to start producing own material under the RedLed moniker.

Always striving to create fresh sounding tracks, but staying connected to the roots of his musical inspiration, is the unique talent of Johan. RedLed turns out tracks that are a blend of deep atmospheric techno and funky grooves.