Sam McEwin’s Best of Soundcloud: June 2012

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Some of the standout tunes that have their way into Sam’s incoming Soundcloud dashboard this month.

Gregory Selextion – Memory Flash
No details on if or when this one will get a release, but this was hands down the stand out for me this month.

Jay Shepheard – One Hundred In One
I’m a sucker for Jay Shepheard at the best of times, but the first track off his latest Compost release really did it for me.

The Rapture – In the Grace of Your Love
When I play the opening set at Lucky Coq I like to find something a little different that people can enjoy eating a Pizza to before a big night out. The sort of tunes that create an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting but a little different to what you might find elsewhere on the street. This little number fits the bill to a tee and what’s more it’s a free download. Thank you.

Com Truise – Open
Sticking with the theme of something a little different that you cold eat a Pizza to, this number from Com Truise on one of my favourite labels – Ghostly International – Is an absolute ripper!

Echo Inspectors – None The Wiser EP (Unmastered)
Unfortunately this sneak peak into an as yet unreleased EP wasn’t public for long, but those of us who got to hear these gems will certainly be on the look out for an official release. Beautiful Dub Techno.

Brendon Moeller – Writing Wrongs (Craig McWhinney Mix)
I get excited any time I see something new from Craig on Soundcloud, but when it’s a remix of Brendon Moeller on Speedy J’s label, then you know it’s going to be something special.

Brendon Moeller – Adjust to the Fading Light
The other standout track from brendon Moeller’s remix Ep on Electric Deluxe.

A Made Up Sound – Archive II
Two simply stunning tracks from Clone records. The second being the standout for me.

Darius Bassiray – If You’re Alone I’ll be Your Shadow (Paul Beynon)
Deeply moving tribute to Paul’s late brother, first written by Darius and then remixed by Paul. This is an amazing piece of music and hard not to feel the emotion and tremendous care that has gone into creating it.

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