Steve Ward

Steve Ward
With a career that spans over a decade, Steve Ward is an accomplished DJ and Producer whose skills and experience extend far beyond his years.
Born and bred in Australia’s dance music capital, Melbourne, his early immersion in the city’s thriving electronic scene proved the perfect catalyst for a decade of gracing the booths of its biggest clubs and events, and the charts of the world’s finest tune purveyors …
Captivated by the early upfront sounds of Melbourne Techno doyen, Will E Tell, Steve’s passion for DJing and the scene itself, was ignited by inspiration and fuelled by determination.
Nailing his first gig as a mere teenager, it wasn’t long before his distinctive track selection and trademark flair were in regular, high demand. Injected with melodic, hypnotic sounds, Steve’s sets earned swift notoriety for encompassing a unique, broad spectrum of electronic genres: travelling smoothly from Deep House to driving Techno with subtle, deft ease.

For the last decade Steve’s innate flexibility and clever ear has seen him support an eclectic mix of international icons – from Jeff Mills to Richie Hawtin & Sven Vath, to Dj Craze and Public Enemy; not to mention move floors in a rich and varied range of environs – from gothic sex clubs and outdoor raves in volcano craters, to boat parties, street festivals, illegal warehouse parties and multi-tier stadiums.
In addition to playing a diverse selection Melbourne’s clubs on any given weekend, Steve’s KissFM radio show ‘Chameleon Radio’ gives fans a weekly dose of his favourite tunes these days, too. Enjoying a prime-time Friday night slot, the show has been one of the station’s most popular since its inception in 2008 and continues to get bigger: week by week, show by show.

Intrigued by the intricacies of electronic music, it seemed a logical progression for Steve to hit the studio and start crafting tunes of his own. A naturally gifted musician and formally trained music technologist; he entered the professional production realm in 2002 and, in typical style, has hit the ground running. Indeed, his silky production skills have already seen him play several main stage LIVE shows, remix a host of international producers the and catapult Bush Records’ classic ‘Devil Fish – Man Alive’ deep into Beatport’s top Techno charts. Producing under several alias’ and amongst a handful of groups, it is shaping up as another big year for Steve’s studio releases …

Refusing to limit his musical obsession to nocturnal activities, Steve has consistently lent his expertise, passion and commitment to a series of roles within the EDM industry.
From creating Capital DJ’s retail Techno Vinyl department and running its daily operations, to formally teaching students at the Australian School of Music Technology, including writing invaluable blocks of its curriculum; over the last few years he has truly lived, breathed, walked and talked music … and loved every single minute of it.

This trend continues with the successful launch of Steve’s new record label, Chameleon Recordings. Created with two friends who share his love of forward thinking electronic music, Chameleon is a record label that is perhaps best epitomised by its blend of cutting-edge art forms – music, design, photography and fashion – aimed squarely at an ever-discerning global market. Showcasing music from established producers and young up and comers’.
The first release “The Window Between Us & Them” was supported by John Digweed on his Transitions Show, Sasha on the 500th Dj on the Essential Mix and supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Christian Smith, Dubfire, Technasia and even Groove Armada to name a few. Like everything musical that Steve touches … watch it grow.