TECHNO Artist Feature: Consoles

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She says it probably began in the mid 80ís with the Ultravox ëViennaí 7î but maybe it was Visageís ëFade to Greyí. Then it wasnít really until discovering the ëSoundlabí in 03/04 that her true interest in electronic music was really kindled. She apologises for being vague and mumbles something about indie-rock bands, Adelaide and a bad memory.

She says Consoles is music therapy. A communication if you like of how important music can be at the right time, exactly when you need it. It is learning how to hear, think, speak and move again from a more generous and open place as part of a community. But she says it is mostly about techno. And dancing.

She has played parties for TE/CH/NOISE, LUNACHICKS, ESCAPE FROM MELBOURNE and VINYL VIXENS crews and recently supported EDIT SELECT for BUNKER. She is a one of the founders of the annual ADELAIDE vs MELBOURNE Techno parties and a member of Burning Seed crew MINT COUNTRY CLUB.

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