Techno Insurgency: Zero Hour

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☢ Tickets: ☢

First round $10 (sold)
Second round $15 (selling)
More on the door

Join the onslaught once more, as Melbourne’s leading techno DJs, along with some seriously hi-tech futuristic purveyors of visual art, transform one of the city’s most underground and intimate clubs into a 22nd century urban explosion of sound and colour…

☢ Techno Insurgency 3: Zero Hour ☢

The story so far…

Planet Earth, the blue jewel of the solar system, has collapsed, leaving nothing but vast wastelands, urban sprawls and virtual worlds ruled by strange entities, corporations and quasi-nations. Chaos reigns on every street.

One such metropolis, “the Womb”, or “Techno City” is ruled by a mysterious, shadowy dictator known as Grand Commander Zero. The Commander rules the Womb with an unrelenting grip. Commerce, media, weapons deployment… all run on a grid of kilometer-high supercomputers called the Tenebra-net. An armed group of insurgents who would see an end to the chaos of techno city is fighting to bring down the network, but there is much impeding their hunt to locate the Commander…

Reports and sightings of this nebulous entity abound…. radio feedback… a presence felt in cyberspace… static running through the neon and holographic lights of the city…. a feeling of probing, surveying eyes from distant rooftops… even the appearance of a cloaked phantom in the steamy alleys.

The Commander carries out many of his operations through his right-hand man, the Colonel. This state military leader is a brutal psychopath, who with a fierce network of police troopers, routinely launches attacks on rebels or those who sympathise with the cause.

The insurgents have been far outnumbered, often at a technological disadvantage, relying on very low-tech weapons. Yet they are cunning, and through a series of raids in the last few months, they have been able to acquire serious state-created firepower. High-tech drones, stealth technology and microscopic robot weaponry are but a few of the tools in the present arsenal of the insurgents.

But there is something else brewing… While the battle with the state-military unfolds, the crime syndicate known as Screaming Shadow makes its presence in the cityscape known once again with reports of assassinations, sabotage, and clandestine chaos…
Insurgents, prepare to walk the streets of techno city…


☢ With performances from…☢


TECHNO CITY __________ (Downstairs)

Matt Radovich (Stable Music/Melbourne Techno Collective)

Dusty Kirk (Drop Bass)

Kiti (Lightspeed Recordings)

JoeyT (Vinyl Shindig, AIA)

Neil Orchard (Screaming Fist Productions)

ELECTRO IMPLANT CHAMBER ____________ (Upstairs)
Cuerpo Negro (Screaming Fist Productions)

Tomb Raver (Techno/no/ise)

Samuel L. Bronkowicz Presents
El Marciano (Screaming Fist Productions)


Thought Projections (visuals / lighting /lasers)
A Comic Book Villain (visuals)
Ultra Violet Creations (decor)
Hadita (face painting)
Club Station Sound & Lighting
More TBA

☢ Happy Hour ☢

• 10 – 12 pm
• $6 Asahi, $6 vodka and more


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