Techno Insurgency

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Screaming Fist Productions presents…


Presale Tix:
First round $10
Second round $15
More on the door

Join once more, with Melbourne’s slamming DJs along with some seriously hi-tech futuristic purveyors of visual art, as one of the city’s most underground and intimate clubs is transformed into a 22nd century urban explosion of sound and colour…

Techno Insurgency part 2: The story so far…
Earth…. a nationless world, consisting only of vast urban sprawls and virtual worlds ruled by strange entities, corporations, and utter chaos.

The “Womb” is one such metropolis, whose menacing towers of steel and glass are overseen by Commander Zero, a shadowy figure of unknown origin. Zero commands the mega city through a series of supercomputers called the Tenebra-net, whose vice-like grip controls commerce, media, and lightning fast weapons deployment and manufacture.

The Tenebra-net is impenetrable, with an endless array of ultra hi-tech hardware and software firewalls.

Amidst all the filth, the doomsday cults roaming the streets, the chimera dope sellers, the android subcultures, various smaller groups fight for control of the streets. The mysterious assassins known as Screaming Shadow, whose roots are said to stretch back to feudal Japan, are rumoured to be connected to the, huge, genetically modified, power-hungry warlords who run the thug-filled street gangs, Burning Path and Chaos.

When we last checked into a downtown club, a group of well-organised and well-resourced rebels who would see an end to the chaos were planning their next move.

Insurgents, prepare to walk the streets of techno city…

With performances from…

DJs ____Techno City_ (downstairs)

Matt Radovich (Stable Music/Melbourne Techno Collective)
Kiti (Lightspeed Recordings)
C:1 (Detrimental Audio/Super Enjoy)
JoeyT (Vinyl Shindig, AIA)
Neil Orchard (Screaming Fist Productions)

___Electro Implant Chamber_ (Upstairs)

Christiana (B:R:B)
Cuerpo Negro
El Marciano (Screaming Fist Productions)
More TBA


Thought Projections (visuals / lighting /lasers)
A Comic Book Villain (visuals)
Avalon (decor)
Hadita Face Art
Much more TBA…

Happy Hour
10 – 12 pm
$6 Asahi, $6 vodka and more


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