Technoir’s Queen’s Birthday Eve Party

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After a bit of a break during the first half of this year, Technoir is back!

They had such a great time partying at Lounge last year for the Queen’s Birthday, that they thought they’d do it again and boy do they have some great music lined up for your dancing pleasure!

First up they welcome Technoir first timers Joey and Yanni Sarantis, who will be laying down their signature brand of smooth but tough Techno.

Then, they are very excited to welcome Steeplejack’s own Nali, who will be showcasing his beautiful productions in a very special live set, in which he’ll be tapping into the harder end of his repertoire.

Next, they welcome back repeat offenders PWD of the Public Works Department and Chiara Kickdrum; however this time Chiara will be making her live debut at Technoir.

Finally, they are proud to present their own resident DJs Ranjit Nijjer, Simon Slieker and Dee Dee.

Just to make things a little more special, Simon Slieker and Dee Dee will be playing a VS set featuring music exclusively from their time as resident DJs at Melbourne Techno institution Teriyaki Anarki Saki; on vinyl no less.


Nali (Live)



Chiara Kickdrum (Live)

Dee Dee VS Simon Slieker (Teriyaki era vinyl set)

Ranjit Nijjer

Entry is FREE before midnight
$10 after midnight

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