The Acid TECHNO Legend Chris Liberator Goes Bush for with Earthcore!

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On of the Legends of ACID TECHNO is on his way back down to Australia and he is playing at everyone’s favourite DOOF, Earthcore! Our good mate Walter Juan sat down with Chris and had a chat with him. Here’s what went down.

Walter – Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Firstly, what have you been up to lately and how are you going?

Chris – I’m fine, very busy as usual, just at SUF HQ manning the office today!

Walter – You certainly are a legend of the underground techno scene. Some say that you were instrumental in starting the acid techno movements in countries like Brazil, Poland and Venezuela. How much has things changed since you first visited those territories?

Chris – In Brazil and Poland the electronic music has grown and flourished, Acid Techno is now just part of a much bigger movement, but I think it still has a very special place in the hearts of the original ravers there and I still visit regularly to play. Venezuela also had an electronic music boom and the music remains popular there now, but unfortunately the political problems have made it difficult for DJs to visit in recent years.

Walter – Being active in the scene for many years, you must’ve seen a lot of artists grow up around you. What was it like for you watching other acid techno performers arise in the scene?

Chris – It was exciting to see other people in the scene grow in stature as both producers and performers, and it still is, as many new up and coming younger producers and DJs are entering the scene all the time. I love to see people like TASSID for example, getting Kudos now…I literally remember him coming to see me play and being just one of the crowd, and now being up there with the best!! It’s great!! Of course the old school heavyweights like Geezer and D.A.V.E. The Drummer made their mark a long time back, and continue to do so today. Without them and all the others that followed there wouldn’t have been a scene at all, so much credit to them.

Walter – How do you find the scene’s around the world?

Chris – The scene ebbs and flows, and different countries like Australia follow similar patterns. In recent years Techno Mulisha (for example) in Melbourne, have been flying the flag for Acid Techno, whilst old stalwarts like Swarm (from Sydney) have been taking more of a backseat, but there is always an underground current that refuses to disappear, and a new generation to be inspired. It’s much more of a global phenomenon now than when I started, social media keeps everyone connected, whereas the internet didn’t exist at all in the period around 1990 when it all began for us.

Walter – You will be coming out to play at the earthcore festival. Ahead of you arrival, what have you heard about the event?

Chris – I’ve played at a lot of festivals this summer in the UK and Europe, but secretly been looking forward to this more than most (it will be a welcome break from the UK’s winter by the time it comes round ha ha!). I’ve played at quite a few events over the years in Australia, but never Earthcore, so this will be a first for me. I think they are perhaps the most iconic events of their type in Australia, and have a legendary history, so yes, really pleased to be asked to come and be a part of it.

Walter – In your experiences are the Australian audiences a good one to play too?

Chris – Oh yes, no doubt about that, definitely up there with the best!!

Walter – What keeps you motivated after 18 years in the industry?

Chris – The music and the vibe. It’s really about that and all the wonderful people I get to meet, it’s a privilege to connect with so many of them and enjoy the buzz of the music together. I never get bored of that!!

Walter – Any crazy stories form you colourful career that you can share with us?

Chris – There’s been some crazy times, Russia in the mid-nineties was one of the maddest places, some very crazy experiences occurred on all my visits back then… and having someone shooting a gun on the dancefloor whilst playing a set once in Venezuela was certainly something I’ll never forget, truly terrifying. Of course I’ve had my fair share of police stopping parties, not always very friendly as you can imagine, the worst being in Belgrade once where my legs were taken out from under me by a policeman wielding a baton, as well as in Russia, France, Brazil and many other places including the Los Angeles where the massive crowd refused to let the police stop the party!! Mental!!

Walter – Alongside being a family man, you also run a label, DJ, produce and, of course, party! Time… where do you get yours from?

Chris – Ha ha, I don’t, never have enough sleep, and never have enough time ha ha!!

Walter – Anything else you are working on you can tell us about?

Chris – Well, I have a punk band now who I drum for (Dogshite) and we are gigging more and more, as well as my old old punk band from the eighties (Hagar The Womb) who reformed a couple of years back. I have a stand in drummer for Hagar as it is literally impossible to do all the gigs, (though I hate missing any)…the Techno has to come first sometimes though, so if I’m already booked to DJ then he stands in!!

Walter – And finally, any sage words for our readers?

Chris – Stay underground, stay true to the things you love!! Some things are more important than money!!

Chris will be playing at earthcore his weekend! Tix are almost sold out! So if you do no have yours yet, we highly recommend you get yours NOW!

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