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Acid legend and all round electronic music pioneer comes to Melbourne another excellent Red Bull Music Academy party at Boney!

Red Bull Music Academy presents

Luke Vibert (UK / Ninja Tune)

FREE ENTRY VIA RSVP – https://www.dashtickets.com.au/event/y0g6f1kzw

Cornwall born and bred, Luke Vibert shares the same hometown and tastemaking talent as Aphex Twin and can also consider himself one of the pioneers of early 90s UK dance music, alongside the likes of the aforementioned homie Richard James (a.k.a. Aphex Twin), Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher), Mike Paradinas (µ-Ziq), Chris Jeffs (Cylob), and the labels Rephlex and Warp.

Inspired by a punk fanatic father and Beatles-listening mother, Vibert started out in a punk band, continued into a hip hop group, subsequently branching off into the electronic scene with one of his first projects as Wagon Christ, where he produced a standout ambient record upon label Rising High’s request. Convincing many a music aficionado of his ambient guru cred, Wagon Christ continued to make sizzling, funky chunks of exotic business, culminating in the masterful “Throbbing Pouch”.

By this time, Vibert had also discovered the joys of name changing. Rephlex released his Vibert-Simmonds project (weird and slightly droney collaborations with a man named Simmonds), Blue Planet released his drum ‘n’ bass numbers under the moniker Plug and Mo’ Wax signed him up for an instrumental hip-hop album under the most radical title yet: Luke Vibert.

Vibert’s early-2000s activity included releases through retro-futuristic post-disco outlet Kerrier District, a load of Chicago acid house numbers under his birth name as well as another instrumental hip hop EP and two volumes of music selections called “Nuggets: Luke Vibert’s Selection (2001)” and “Luke Vibert’s Further Nuggets (2002)”, for the Lo label.

With Vibert’s last visit to Australia being a solid seven years ago, it is well and truly time to welcome the Brit back to our shores for a master class in house, guided by his impressive discography expanding over the last 20-odd years. So, for those yet to experience the full, unexpurgated craftsman at work, you are urged to head down to this month’s Red Bull Music Academy Club Night at Rocket Bar to enjoy the full spectrum of the Vibert legacy.

Friday 17th April – Boney – Doors at 9pm

+ Declan Kelly, Moopie, Dave Space & Disrute

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